47 thoughts on “This looks pretty. Maybe I can have a one? – AP”

  1. I really am a pillock. I foolishly began reading the comments left by Mail readers. I’m now fuming and probably 2 years closer to a stress-caused heart attack. What is up with these idiots who can’t read a simple article that says it’s been loaned for a weekend as a gimmick? Head—>Wall.

  2. Norfolk had a marked up tractor. They put a poster in the window to explain it was a publicity stunt and that no public funds had been spent on it. Obviously to stop the frothing haters from phoning the complaints dept. I believe the MPS has had a liveried Lamborghini in the past too.

  3. Martin, seriously, don’t get wound up by the comments. If you read them, you can actually see the morons haven’t actually read the aricle, they’ve just seen the title, picture, and posted a comment. They’ve actually made themselves look very stupid. 😀

  4. Can I just say…. If you haven’t read the article and seen that its on loan for free, and have instead jumped to the conclusion the police have bought and paid for it, and have then entered into a ‘I pay your wages’ based rant…

    If this is you… Then you are a buffoon..!

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