31 thoughts on “Should we consider this in the UK?”

  1. Would never happen…purely down to cost. Some forces do it already but not as a compulsory thing as far as I know and certainly not for every Officer. As I remember from my time as a CPO for Notts city council (on Police airwave) its difficult enough to get a radio battery at the start of some shifts…let alone anything else.

  2. I’m a cop across the pond now and it’s a voluntary thing – at least as my major agency. Cops want to wear them but there’s a fear that the video will be used to catch conversations that aren’t enforcement related where you talk smack about your sgt or whatever… There’s also a huge concern that they will be used to nit pick tactical decisions that lead up to a shooting, use of force etc. Great bit of kit if you have an administration that you trust…. If not, maybe not….

  3. They will obviously drastically reduce false allegations and can provide good evidence……… However as someone who had a central board accused of lieing because I recalled events in a slightly different order to the cctv showed (I was exonerated as everything I said did happen I just got a couple of things in the wrong order, we all make mistakes) will officers be allowed to view their own footage to enable them to complete a more accurate statement post incident and prevent such mistakes/errors, or will the cps and the “job” allow minor mistakes as a consequence of stress/recall/auditory and visual exclusion, bad memory/relevance of events to the individual……. Or will we see more cases thrown and officers in serious trouble?

  4. Many coppers use video in Queensland, most can be activated as needed, eg for traffic intercepts and dealing with suspect/offenders. They’re not recording all the time. Same with audio recording. They are a god send on many levels, not least when ticketed motorists write in complaining about a ticket and or the issuing officer. I have had many such over the years which have been shown to be completely spurious by the audio/video. Officers here source their own kit, as nothing is provided by the QPS (Queensland Police Service). They are great for the magistrate too, who here seem to be reluctant to accept an officers version without some additional corroboration.

  5. TVP have had cameras for many years but last year rolled out new kit, and a lot more of it so that there is normally at least one camera running when officers go to a job. Excellent for showing person’s behaviour for public order, D&D, victim’s first account etc. Ideal for refuting malicious complaints too.

  6. It depends how they work. If they can be turned off and on then we’ll be open to allegations of tactically switching them off. If they’re on all the time then will they be randomly checked and end up being disciplined for parade room or meal room conversations?

    Very careful consideration needs to be given.

  7. Personally i think every police man or police woman or pcso should wear a cctv device it protects them as well as the public regarding complaints and wether correct use of force was applied and wether it was required. So all in all i think its a great idea its all down to cost as usual.

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