RIP Odin, you served brilliantly!

RIP Odin, you served brilliantly!

My wonderful colleague PC Darren Coupland sadly lost his partner and companion PD Odin this week at 13 yrs old. My reason for wanting to join the dog unit after a great attatchment with them both.
They had 6 wonderful years together. He was a fantastic dog, the biggest GP dog I have still seen to this day! He knew what to do without being asked, as an officer you could cuddle him and he knew you were the good guys! His public order lead went on and he bounded off to work, a fab dog! He had over 36 arrests during his carer. A wonderful dog and I know everyone that met Darren and Odin would never forget what a great team they were and the love they had for each other.

40 thoughts on “RIP Odin, you served brilliantly!”

  1. A great lad, a real ladies ‘man’ too 😉 never forget doing the airport patrol with Darren and watching him prop his front paws right up on the desk to get some fuss from the girls…? Rest in Peace lad, got all the balls you want now sweetie, big hugs Darren x x

  2. Goodnight PD Odin……a fine officer and a legend to remember…..thoughts with Darren too….I feel your pain having lost my Keisha at 13 1/2 just a few months ago…a true companion will never leave your side and he’ll be waiting for you at Rainbow Bridge until the time you can be reunited x

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