27 thoughts on “Right. Im voting for this when I become the chief!”

  1. South Korea scares me, they are doing some absolutely incredible shit now! 20 years ago… not so much, now… wow. I honestly think the way the western police forces are setup to stifle innovation.

    Not just policing either, technology, cars, food, anything!

  2. From watching the London riots and the clips from Manchester when Rangers came down and shoed that cop who got left behind … This is very pretty riot training, but when the shit hits it’s way different

  3. This is very similar to the traditional Zulu Bull Buffalo fighting formation. Advance, retreat draw the enemy to you. Repeat and then when the enemy lose their shape the formation can spread out around the flanks and surround the demonstrators. Of course it would have finished differently if they’d had Michael Caine throwing petrol bombs.

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