Looks like fun! (Met Police)

Looks like fun! (Met Police)

#CopGear Special Event – Central London – Get Involved!

Some of the most iconic cop cars in the history of UK policing are taking to the roads of London on Wednesday for a special event.

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More details will be released tomorrow on the Met Police Facebook page but in the meantime you can read up on one of the participants – the 1970 Morris Minor 1000 Panda Car.

Do you know anyone who has driven one of these classics? What is your favourite classic police vehicle of all time? – AP

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  1. Its an embarrassment now, we have corsa’s……I am 6’02” and weigh 19stone (mostly muscle) and squeezing into a corsa with a colleague both in body armour doesn’t leave a lot of space and makes driving hard, the other car we have is a hyundai not much more space in that……

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