38 thoughts on “Just wondering if you remember your first ‘result’ and what it was? – AP”

  1. Shoplifting (burglary as banned from shopping centre) unfortunately he did a runner from our car at a set of lights and got away. Later got fined for the theft and a stretch at HMs pleasure for escaping.

  2. A fail to appear warrant but that doesn’t count.
    First proper job, breach of restraining order, wanted recall to prison, and criminal damage. Sted head out to get his ex who he’d stabbed a few years previous and served time for.

  3. Unauthorised taking of M.V. Whilst on Xmas leave from initial at Bruce. Easy job he hit a tree in front of me and then flew out the windscreen past me. Chased until he passed out through blood loss. Pleaded n.g. Found guilty after I I.d ed him by his scars from going through the windscreen

  4. A guy kicking off in a supermarket. My tutor cs’d him and i got stuck in with cuffs, slight problem was he only had one hand. I remember thinking “f**k, we never did that one at training school!” but by that point the back up had arrived, including the sgt who went beserk about my tutor using cs in a supermarket full of people…16 yrs ago remember it like it was yesterday!

  5. Shoplifting. Bloke had run across the town centre with a nicked power washer from Argos on his shoulder. 100yd foot chase including the obligatory vault over a fence a la “Hot Fuzz”, with my top hat staying on. As I fumbled with the handcuffs and blurted out the words the bloke says to me “I’m glad you’ve nicked me, I’m fucking knackered”. Never forget that one!

  6. Some 20 years ago As a 15 year old police cadet in Glasgow whilst going to my aunts house my attention was drawn to 2 males down a stair case in West George Street, as I continued to observe them from the street upstairs I noticed them forcing open a metal mesh gate and breaking the window. I immediately run to the nearest phone box and hit the 3 9’s requesting assistance ASAP – as I was waiting on assistance the 2 males left the premises with a quantity of high value hair dryers and hair products – my initial thoughts “oh shit, what do I do here?” Being a 6 foot skinny 8 stone ( wet through) teenager against 2 men in their 30’s I took a deep breath and said “police, stand still” they said get out the road pal before you get hurt – i stood my ground with panic and fear going through my body thinking I was going to get battered until I saw the welcome sight of a “team” unmarked Peugeot 309 screeching round the corner – as the males tried to make off on foot I detained 1 with a cop and the other male made off with a posse of plain clothed cops and the support unit who had attended also !

    2 detained, 6 months custody each and praise for me from the ch. supt.

    Not praise from my teacher when I explained I had court through my exams (which I never got cancelled & which never interfered with my exams)

  7. 4 for Burglary after the legged it from the premises. One ran across a car park and I shouted him to stop and he did. I told him to come back and he did. In custody during search found his glass eye in a tissue in his pocket….yuk!

  8. rem my 1st arrest as a SC – theft shoplifting. Unsure of result.
    For all you traffic cops – I hate ppl driving with fog lights on. This story always makes my old crew mate laugh. He was driving – saw a car with FL on. Spins it round and pull it over short distance up the road.
    Now, female driver gets out, get her into our car. Issue ticket, see you later. My mate thought I was harsh. He thought I would just give her a good slap on the wrist, why I here you ask, she was about 7-8 months pregnant!!! well that £30 (as it was then) can’t go towards toys now – she won’t do it again will she!!

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